Please indicate your opinion of each celebrity using the Ya and No buttons below each one. Feel free to skip any of them if you don't have an opinion about them.



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Well it looks like you and the UK should go it alone.
Your celebs are {{diff_uk}}% in favour of leaving.
They gave the EU only {{diff_eu}}% of a chance.
Well it looks like you and the UK are as European as they get.
Your celebs are {{diff_eu}}% in favour of staying.
They gave the Brexiters only {{diff_uk}}% of a chance.
The bad news: it's too close to call. The good news: it seems that you're a well-balanced individual. Go forth and live a happy life!

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It's your civic duty to vote and your duty to yourself to know for what you are voting and your reasons for voting.

Except in the case of the Brexit debacle into which we, the ignorant masses, have found ourselves thrust.

So instead of allowing us to walk headlong into the polling stations on June 23rd armed only with the wisdom we have acquired from impeccable sources of truth like the Sun and Boris and Vladimir Putin, we built this website.

You are going to be presented with a list of celebrities. If you admire a celeb, press Ya. If you detest everything they stand for, press No. If you are kind of meh about them, move on to the next.

We'll then compute your EU in-ness or out-ness based on your favourite celebrities' perspectives.

Your country needs you.

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