Dear Britain,

It is not just your civic duty to vote but your duty to yourself to know for what you are voting and your reasons for voting.

Except in the case of the Brexit debacle into which we, the unskilled masses, have found ourselves thrust. It is quite unlikely that even a handful of us have the competency know for what we are voting. And it is certainly unlikely that any of us have any substantive reasons to support our vote (other than the obvious important items like: I don't want to have to get a Schengen visa every time I want to pop into the Krazy Kanguruh; or the southern seaboard of Europe is destined to fall over the edge into the Med, and that might get quite expensive).

So instead of allowing us to walk headlong into the polling stations on June 23rd armed only with the wisdom we have acquired from impeccable sources of truth like the Sun and Boris and Vladimir Putin, we have built this website.

So the deal is, you are going to be presented with a list of celebrities. If you admire a celebrity, press Ya. If you detest everything a celebrity stands for, press No. If you are kind of Meh about them, move on to the next one without clicking Ya or No.

We'll then compute your EU in-ness or out-ness based on your favourite celebrities' perspective.

Your country needs you.

Jimme Jardine

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